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Everything You Need To Know To Organize A Destination Wedding In Jaipur

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Why Pick Jaipur For Your Dreamy Destination Wedding?

If your dreams of a fairytale wedding have always included a majestic palace background with hints of royalty and old world charm, then what could be better than a destination wedding in Jaipur? The palaces, with the surrounding mountains would make for such stunning backgrounds that you wouldn’t really need to do much to bring your dreams to life! You will find a host of perfect locations here, with a mix of cottages and rooms. So imagine an extravagant party!

  • Average cost of destination weddings in Jaipur is: Rs. 30 Lakh to 70 lakh for a guest list of about 150 people

  • Best season: November - February

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Everything You Need To Know To Organize A Destination Wedding In Jaipur

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Ever dreamt of getting married with a backdrop of Palace? Well your dream can now come true.Having a haveli wedding in the pink city has now become feasible.And worry not you don't really have to spend loads of money. We have listed down all that you need to know to host a destination wedding in Jaipur. Read on to know more:

How much does it cost to have a destination wedding in Jaipur?

Wondering how much would a decent destination wedding in Jaipur would cost you? Well we have it all in a breakdown for you. Ideally a 3 day wedding in jaipur with a guest list of about 150 people would cost you anywhere between 30-60 lakh.However the budget of any wedding majorly depends on factors such as the venue, the number of days of celebration and the number of people invited.

  • Venue: The venue for your celebrations plays an important part in deciding your budget for your destination wedding.Booking the same venue for all your functions can surely save you some money.Depending upon the scale of your wedding and your budget, you can easily find a wide variety of budget as well as luxury hotels.

  • Number of days: Ideally a destination wedding celebration lasts for about 3 days.Try to fit in as many rituals and functions in a day so that you wrap up the celebration in the minimum time.The more the days of celebration, the more your budget would increase.

  • Guest list: Typically in a destination wedding, only close family members and friends are invited.If you are planning for a budget wedding then the guest list for the same should not go up beyond 100-150 people.However if you do not have any budget constraints then the guest list could easily go up as per your desire.

  • Other factors that affect your budget for the wedding are the photographers, wedding planner, makeup artist or the caterers. There are a lot of wedding vendors from all across the country on WedMeGood. One can easily look for vendors in different categories, filter them as per your requirements, check their reviews and book them directly from the portal.

What are the top venues for a destination wedding in Jaipur?

Getting married in jaipur and what better option than having a haveli wedding.Finding a venue as per your requirements and within your budget can be quite a task.But worry not! This is where WedMeGood will come to your rescue.There are a huge variety of hotels in Jaipur listed on our platform for you to choose from.You can easily filter them out on the basis of the number of guests, the type of venue, space preferences and their average ratings.There are various luxury hotels as well as budget hotels in Jaipur.

A wedding in the 475 years old Samode Palace is surely an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. They have an indoor banquet as well as a huge outdoor lawn that makes it a perfect choice for you to host a royal wedding.

  • Price: Rs 3000 onwards
  • Capacity: 48-700 guests

Fairmont in Jaipur is a luxury hotel that is overlooking the Aravallis range. It is a mix of the traditional rajasthani culture along with the modern amenities. Having a huge lawn that can cater to 1500 people at a time, it is a perfect venue for destination wedding.

  • Price: Rs 2900
  • Capacity: 900-1500 guests

Chomu Palace Hotel is a 300 year old palace that has a huge indoor banquet hall that can accommodate over 1000 guests at a time.

  • Price: Rs 1900 onwards
  • Capacity: 660-1100 guests

KK Royal Jaipur is located amidst 7 acres of aesthetically landscaped grounds amidst Aravali Hills. It has both indoor as well as outdoor venue options for you to host your events.

  • Price: Rs 990
  • Capacity: 600-1500

You can on WedMeGood, filter by your budget, capacity or even ratings. Check the albums & reviews to find the perfect venue for you.

Are you looking for wedding planners in Jaipur?

If you are having a destination wedding then hiring a wedding planner has its own added advantages as they are the experts in the field of planning and managing events.A professional makes the planning process less taxing and also help you save money as they are in direct contact with different vendors.The WedMeGood showcase has number of extremely talented wedding planners from Jaipur, you can easily filter them as per your requirements and book them directly.

Fiestro Events is a leading Wedding and Event Management Company based in Jaipur. They are a team of super innovative and passionate individuals who will make sure that your wedding day is made even more special.

  • Starting Price: Rs 4-6 lakh

Eatos Events is a Jaipur based wedding planning company who works to give you the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. They have a unique and creative style of working to give their clients a magical experience.

  • Starting Price: Rs 6 lakh

Purple Grapes Weddings & Event Planner is an award winning wedding planning company based in Jaipur. They work to convert your dream wedding into a beautiful reality.

  • Starting Price: Rs 4-6 lakh

Meyraki Events and Design is a wedding planning company that identifies customer requirements and make sure that their customers are satisfied.

  • Starting Price: Rs 2.5 lakh

Other wedding planning companies that provide excellent services to clients are Wedding Across, Destination Weddings by Saurabh, Saaj weddings and MG Events.

In case you do not want to hire a wedding planner you can easily make use of WedMeGood portal to search for different vendors and book them directly from our portal.

What is the best time to plan a wedding in Jaipur?

One of the most important things to consider before finalising the date for your destination wedding is to check for the weather conditions of the city.

Jaipur gets extremely hot during the summer season therefore it is advisable to host a wedding between the months of September and March.

It is better to not plan your destination wedding in the peak wedding season as it will help you to save some money.

How to reach Jaipur?

  • By Air: The domestic airport of Jaipur is located 7 kms away whereas the International airport is 10 km away from the main city. Regular flights from different parts of the country and the world connect to Jaipur on an everyday basis.
  • By Train: Jaipur is well connected to the different parts of the country through the railway network.There are three main railway stations in Jaipur
  • By Road: Travelling to Jaipur by road is not a problem.The city is well connected to other parts of the country through the National Highways.Various bus services are also available from different parts of Rajasthan and the country, making it easy to reach Jaipur.

To commute within the city, you can easily take auto rickshaw, buses or cabs.

How to accommodate your guests?

Arrangements for the accommodation for your guests can be made in either in the same hotel as your wedding venue or in a different one.Many hotels provide discounts on booking them for the ceremonies as well as the accommodation.In case no rooms are available in the same property it is advisable to book the nearest hotel to your wedding venue so that the travelling time is minimum.

How to host a budget wedding in Jaipur?

Well you can definitely host your dream fairytale wedding in a budget.Just make sure to consider the following:

  • Have a limited guestlist, invite only close friends and family.
  • Book lesser known hotels.
  • Do not go overboard with the decor.
  • Select an off season wedding date.
  • Plan and make bookings much in advance.
  • Book as many local vendors as possible.

What Is The Best Time To Have A Wedding In Jaipur?

November to February are the most pleasant months.The weather In Jaipur during this period is perfect for your wedding celebrations.The evenings are mostly cool and breezy, giving you perfect opportunity to host functions in lavish lawns, with zero stress about rain or dust storms.

How To Save Costs When Organizing A Destination Wedding In Jaipur?

Palace Weddings are possibly the biggest trend of recent years, and we don’t see it dying anytime soon.After all, what could be better than combining your wedding celebrations and a royal vacation together ? But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to shell out more money.Here is how you can have a destination wedding in Jaipur on a budget-

  • Choose your location wisely - A place that looks naturally pretty would mean saving unnecessary expenses on decor.
  • Choose an off - season wedding date - This is a no-brainer.Prices of all services go down during off-seasons.You will also have better chances to get exciting discounts!
  • Book accommodation and events at the same venue - More possibility of getting discounts due to bulk booking, and lesser transportation costs! Also, this will help you save time during the celebrations.
  • Book as soon as possible - The sooner you book, the better chances you have to get cheaper deals.Also, if you make bulk bookings, you’ll be in a better position.
  • Keep your itenary crisp - Do not organise a lot of events - restrict to a 1 to max 3 day wedding.And keep your guest list as crisp as possible.We would recommend about 50 - 100 people.
  • Save on food and beverages by choosing local dishes and drinks for the wedding.Also exercise restraint in the number of items on the menu.

How To Integrate Rajasthani Culture In Your Jaipur Destination Wedding ?

When in Jaipur, do it how the Rajasthanis do!Rajasthan is all about colours and traditions, and you can easily make it a part of your wedding celebrations.We recommend having local Rajasthani singers and sarangi players perform live at your wedding!The soothing music is going to instantly add to the royal ambience and make your celebrations truly authentic!Apart from this, you can include Rajasthani tastes and dishes in your menu, serving your guests the real culture of Rajasthan on their plates!When it comes to decor, you can easily have a touch of Rajasthani elegance by including flowy drapes in bright colours, and bandhni dupattas in your decor.

Wondering how to have a wedding that reflects the real flavors of Rajasthan? You can hire wedding decorators based out of Jaipur who understand the city like no one else does! All you have to do is browse on the WedMeGood app, and shortlist decorators you like.Make sure you browse their portfolios for pictures of previously done weddings and read reviews about them before taking the final call.

Planning A Destination Wedding?

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