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The best wedding day perfumes for the Indian bride: Top 8

BY The WMG Bride | 30 Oct, 2014 | 13497 views | 7 min read

wedding-day-scents Admit it- you probably haven't given your perfume that much of a thought till now (We know of brides who even forget to carry one in their kit and end up going to the mandap without a scent on..ummm hot fire +velvet lehenga + no perfume = eww) . Well that is about to change because we think its just as important to pick up a gorgeous wedding day scent that describes 'YOU' as a bride so that people never forget the fragrance trail you leave behind while walking towards the mandap. Our sense of smell triggers our memories, and the scent you wear for your wedding will always remind you of your special day. P.S : Kate Middleton wore Illuminum’s White Gardenia Petals perfume on her wedding day! Just saying. Elie-Saab-Le-Parfum-1   #1 Elie Saab Le Parfum | For the brides who personify 'Elegant Innocence'  Current favourite of every girl at the WMG office , this scent is basically "Elegant innocence" in a bottle. Much like Elie Saabs couture itself, it is soft, delicate, playful and innocent but in a "Im a lady" sort of a way.  The perfume opens with notes of orange blossom. Jasmine is in the heart, including both Grandiflorum and Sambac, whereas the base consists of cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord. It stays on for the whole day and is like a classic white wedding "perfume"ified. Price: INR 5000 for 50 ml Smells of: Soft, whispery florals | Lasting power: Moderate  wedding-day-perfumes (4) #2  Coco Mademoiselle Chanel | For the brides who want to smell classy and fabulous with a touch of Sweet Citrus  This is the most famous fragrance from the house of Chanel. This scent opens with bright Mediterranean citrus notes of orange and bergamot, and deepens into a warm patchouli-and-vanilla cloud. Inviting and warm, this is an elegant and slightly mischievous perfume that is a perfect choice for our modern bride. Brides who have worn this claim it smells of sophiostication, elegance and classyness but the fresh citrus notes give it a mischeivous sexy twist . You can also go for chance by Chanel! It has notes of citrus accord, hyacinth, iris, jasmine, patchouli, white musk, and vanilla. Price: INR 14000 for 50 ml   Smells of: Classy Sophistication with Sweet Citrus  |  Lasting power: Excellent prada-candy #3 Prada Candy | For the playful, fun, flirty  brides Candy by Prada is the grown up girls playful, fun scent. It has a warm, inviting smell to it because it has notes of vanilla and caramel, but there is a hint of sweet fruityness to it which makes it fun, and refreshing without being an overly fruity scent. If you were going for a first date and wanted a hint of innocent flirtation, this is the scent you would be going for and why not wear it on your wedding day as well? Price: INR 5000 for 80 ml  Smells of: Warm, Comforting Vanilla with a hint of flirty, sweet fruityness  Lasting power: Moderate wedding-day-perfumes (3) #4 Calvin Klein Eternity EDP  |  For the brides who want  classic, timeless romance Eternity is a most described as a clean, classic scent which never goes out of style. It smells "expensive" is what the most commonly heard phrase describing this scent is and those wearing this should make sure they don't overdo it because its a very potent scent and too much of this can become mildly offensive. Smells  of sweet florals designed on the hymns of eternal values of love, family and peace message. It has notes of Freesia, Mandarin, Sage, Muguet, White Lily, Marigold, Narcisse , Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Amber. Perfect for a close-knit family wedding! Price: INR 2000 for 50 ml | Smells of: Classic, Expensive, Sweet  Lasting power: Moderate wedding-day-perfumes (10)   #5 Romance by Ralph Lauren | Light, Fresh & Feminine without being OTT Some people say this scent reminds them of the feeling of young love- youthful, fresh and feminine while others enjoy that this is not a sickly sweet scent but has an elegance to it that is still romantic. This scent is minimalistic and isn't the strongest scent out there so those of you looking for a full power perfume may want to avoid while others looking for an understated scent may want to grab this. This is a timeless scent with notes of Sungoddess Rose, Marigold, Ginger, Chamomile Oil, Yellow Freesia, White Violet, Lotus Flower, Day Lily, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Musk. A fresh, floral and clean scent. Price: INR 3500 for 30ml  |  Smells of: Light, Fresh & Minimalistic  Lasts: Moderate  61076W     #6 Princess by Vera Wang| Girly, Sweet, young and innocent If you are supposed to feel like a princess on your big day, you are supposed to wear a perfume which is aptly named so! Vera Wang just does not design gorgeous gowns; their perfumes have a personality of their own. This scent is straight out sweet but not in a sickly way- in a girly, gorgeously sweet innocent way.  Smells mostly of vanilla, chocolate and florals. Price: INR 3844  for 50 ml |   Smells of: Girly sweetness Lasts: Moderate amount of time carolina1 #7 Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy | Sweet Sexyness with a spicy edge This one starts off smelling beautifully sweet and then settles into this sexy, spicyness and overall smells like a rather expensive, luxurious scent. Meant for the confident, sexy girl who still has a softer side. Not the most delicate perfume but lasts a very long time with a small whiff. Has notes of Vanilla, Pink Pepper, Musk, White Gardenia and Mandarin Orange   Price: INR 2287 for 60ml  |   Smells of: Sweet and Sexy with a Spicy kick|    Lasts: Excellent wedding-day-perfumes (9)   #8 (NEW) Miss Dior by Dior  | Sweet, luxurious, Feminine  Somewhere in 2012 Dior renamed its already reformulated Miss Dior Cherie perfume line as Miss Dior  and peoplw fell in love with the new scent EVEN more, This smells luxurious- like you are wrapped in satin, sweet and feminine.. Some say it lacks a punch but for those of you who want a gorgeously elegant scent that is sweet then Miss dior should have you covered. Notes of  Italian Mandarin Essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli Essence. Elegant, pure and precious! Price: INR8400 for 100 ml |   Smells of : Luxury and Femininity |    Lasts: Excellent 2 other perfumes which deserve a spot are: -Michael Kors  by Michael Kors -Daisy by Marc Jacobs
  • These perfumes have been selected based on the recommendations of brides across the web on the basis of which wedding perfumes worked for them and which did not.
  Some tips to keep in mind while selecting your perfume:   1) Always choose an Eau De Parfum and not an Eau De Toilette for your wedding day. The former has a higher concentration of perfume and hence lasts longer 2) Make sure you don't make the mistake of spraying this on your outfit blouse. Perfumes can stain and thats the last thing you want. 3) Decide whether you want to go with something classic or a new trend fragrance. You can choose your classic treasured signature fragrance which you have been wearing for years and it is tried and tested. It is what made your man fall in love with you. Rekindle those courtship memories. If you are the "always game for something new" kinds, choose a recent launch which has taken the world by storm. Create a new memory with a new scent chosen just for the wedding. That special scent will forever evoke those special memories for you and your partner. 4) Once you have narrowed down your options, choose the scent you want to wear depending on what kind of wedding you are going for. If it is a garden themed wedding, go for something fruity and sweet. If it is a beach wedding, go for something clean and light and fresh. If it is a home wedding, go for something which makes you feel happy, serene, romantic and confident. 5) Keep in mind the time of the wedding. If it is a summer wedding, citrus or floral scents are great but if it is a winter wedding, spicy, warm and woody scents are the best bet! 6) Get few of your favorite fragrance samples home and then wear the scent to see how it develops on you. Some very famous scents also have some haters. 7) If you want a softer effect, try a scented body lotion or hair perfume. The famous cult classic bridal perfume Chanel coco mademoiselle has a hair mist of the same fragrance. This also works vice versa if you want a layered effect of your wedding fragrance to make it last longer.   So tel us below what you plan to wear/ wore girls!! Hope this post helped   <<Contributed by Mily Jain>>
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