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Decor Experts Reveal: Useful Tips That Can Help You Cut Costs!

BY Sakshi | 06 Nov, 2023 | 8582 views | 5 min read

Yup, this one is coming right from the experts! Who doesn't love to cut some corners on the wedding cost without compromising on the quality? This can really help if you are planning a wedding on a budget, as decor can really eat up a chunk of it! Here's a list of wedding decorators you can choose from for you D-day!!

Image via Dream Knots★ 4.5

So we asked some renowned decor experts in the industry to reveal some useful hacks that can save big, without the fuss! So take notes guys!

Best Day Ever by Deepika Shetty★ 4.9

  • It's always economical and easy on the pocket for a client to have 2 or more events at the same venue, this will help reduce expenses associated with transport and production labour.
  • If the couple could work with their design and planning team to reuse certain props and materials over their 2-3 days of events, the same item could be used in different ways to do the decor. Example the vases used as your centerpieces can be done with flowers at the bottom and on the top as 2 different designs on different days.
  • Choosing designs which are free of additional trusses and structural framework will help reduce decor budgets and working with real and artificial flowers which are of good quality and right color to match the real flowers can help with budgets.
  • Doing floral arrangements that are free of foam and are more eco-conscious and sustainable can help in reduction of costs.
  • Try having one common welcome sign or a large display of wedding rituals etc instead of printing out copies for each event or for each guest. Not all would keep it as souvenirs and it will just end up in a dump .
  • Try to discuss with your decor team and give them liberty to suggest unique decor and designs adhering to your budgets, than showing them images off the internet- there are so many designs and ideas that can be worked on using scrap and alternate material towards designing mandaps or props, but we hardly get to execute them because clients want to emulate something seen off the internet.

Foreign Wedding Planners★ 4.9

  • Don't be fixated on specific kinds and colour of florals. Let seasonal ones be used. One can opt for light specific/Prop specific decor also and omit florals totally. This can bring down costs, esp during months when flowers are more expensive.
  • Don't get too detailed on expensive themes. Focus on keeping it simple, elegant and pretty. Some theme can be followed of-course but getting too detailed within that might mean custom production and use the natural ambience of the venue to your advantage. If you have pretty trees, use them to hang florals rather than build trusses. If you are at a Heritage property, use the walls and building facade within your designs. A fountain or a bench can be included in your decor by just adding some basket of florals or colourful cushions.
  • Use least amount of structural, constructed, truss work. It's always adding to the cost as transportation, manpower et is all expensive for structural work. Keep that limited.
  • If possible, don't hesitate to repeat a venue. The basic structure can remain same and design, colour, ambience et can all be changed for next event. It actually saves a lot!

Shaddi Ka Ladoo★ 4.9

  • Flex backdrops for events like mehendi haldi
  • Fabric printed or plain backdrops
  • Keeping the area more sustainable- we can use nature and surroundings as decor. More pots plain and painted, cane baskets etc! 
  • Best tip is get married in off season so that the resources are not expensive.

The Design Atelier★ 4.8

  • Sustainable is the new keyword! When we look at subsidising costs the sustainability factor comes into major play.
  • Using reusable and returnable elements like planters, use of fabric and decor elements by local artisans which come at a cheaper price and elevate the contribution to the society too.
  • With a set circuit use of local flowers from the flower mandi which are fair weather instead of exotic expensive flowers helps reducing the cost.
  • Going less structural and more elemental base is also a good key on optimising the costs and giving more at eye level vis a vis big heights

Meragi★ 4.7

  • Choose the right flowers: When choosing flowers for your decor, have more artificial flowers in the mix compared to real ones. Artificial flowers look better in pictures and will look the same throughout the duration of your wedding. They’re also cheaper than real flowers, so it’s a win-win! You’ll also benefit from limiting the use of white flowers as much as possible, as they’re the most expensive and difficult to source.
  • Try using the same setup for different events: You can save costs significantly by using the same decor skeleton for different events. For example, you could use the same setup for Mehendi and Haldi while changing the props you use for these events. The same could be true of your Sangeet and Reception.
  • Go for a venue that has a picturesque natural backdrop. This will save you money on the backdrop decor for your mandap.
  • Use fabrics and foliage over flowers wherever possible. Both are cheaper than flowers and can help you achieve an impressive look when used correctly.
  • Decor for indoor weddings would be cheaper compared to outdoor ones. This is because outdoor weddings will involve costs for tents and other furnishings. If you’re going for an outdoor wedding, go for a day wedding. That way, you’ll save on the cost of outdoor lighting which can be very expensive.

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