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Are You Guys Camera-Shy? Here Are 7 Basic Romantic Shots To Take With Your Bae!

BY The WMG Bride | 29 Apr, 2016 | 116 views | 3 min read

You remember that scene in our favourite sitcom Friends where Chandler just cannot take a romantic picture without making a face? Yeah, most of our boys fall in that category and when it comes to weddings, it's even worse. They tend to look away, push your hand every time you try PDA, and really, never get that smile right. That's why you need a basic (romantic) checklist, one that will get you that picture you want on your bedside table with minimal worries. Before we dive into the shot list, here are some pointers for getting yourself loosened up:
  • Carry a bottle of wine to your shoot. Nothing like a little drink to let yourself loose
  • Music can help you relax
  • Sometimes, keeping reference photos on your phone is the easiest way to get started.
  • If the boy is camera shy, have him look at you or talk to you rather than looking at the camera, you do the posing.
  • Master the fake laugh- you know the one where you throw your head back with your mouth slightly open. It's a killer shot- every single time
  • Bring your pet. If you are dog lovers then having your pooch around can make you both comfortable and some crazy cute photos.
Here are a list of shots to consider: Top Shot Especially on Land or Water 1440683548_003_0WN_6937  

WeddingNama★ 5

The two of you, holding hands, lying down and dreaming up that fabulous life you'll have after this awesome wedding. That's simply what this is. The topography is important here, choose a waterbody, a desert or an airstrip - whatever it is, keep it simple and colourful. If your photographer has a drone, then even better! The brief is simple, lie down and close your eyes - that's all. The Hug from behind

Photo: Bhumi and Simran Photography★ 5

Fail proof pose - make the boy hug you from behind and whisper something in your ear, preferably a silly joke so you get that au natural smile ;) Forehead Kiss 1451134919_12313558_921514901264128_7430615483555901519_n

Photo: Pixel Army★ 4.8

Specially for South Indian weddings, when this moment is captured it makes for major aww-ness The Heads Together Shot  1437372654__DSC9716  

The Creative Lens★ 4.9 The Creative Lens★ 4.9

Putting your heads together and staring into each other's eyes - that's probably the most effortless and easiest shot you can think of. No biggie, just good ol' romance!

Shadow Love

peacock productionz

Peacock Productionz★ 4.9

Too shy for a kissy picture? Go behind a sheer surface and show your love. Boom! It always hits the spot, plus, it's so romantic.

Kissing amongst sparklers


Neil D’Souza★ 5

How amaze is this? Share a candid moment as the photographer uses his technique to turn sparklers into something absolutely magical



Twogether Studios★ 4.9

Nothing like two people in love just laughing wholeheartedly, holding hands and reminiscing old times and new times to come. That's more intimate than even a kiss, you know that? That's why a nice candid shot of you guys cozying up and laughing up a storm in your own world works big time!

The cute peck on the cheek

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks★ 5

You give him a peck, he opens his mouth in mock shock. Always a recipe for cuteness.

Obviously, we deliberately picked out the basic ones so the censor board doesn't get on our case. For other cozy romantic shots, go to the WedMeGood Gallery here. :)
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